"The true seeker of knowledge naturally strives for and is not content with common opinion, but soars with undimmed and unwearied passion until he grasps the essential nature of things...”


  • Would you like to wake up full of energy ?
  • Would you like to feel vital and energetic all day ?
  • Would you like to have a life changing experience ?
  • Would you like to super-charge your business abilities ?
  • Would you like to achieve your true potential with passion?
  • Would you like to transform your business productivity and profitability ?
  • Would you like to accelerate your performance as a sportsman or woman ?
  • Would you like to find happiness in your personal and business relationships ? 
  • Would you like to see the simplicity of improving your health, your family's , your friends ? 

If you have answered yes to anyone of these then come and spend some time with Richard and Clive. Two days to change your reality, relationships, clarity of mind - understand the simplicity of health. Do you want to know about leading edge health solutions , knowledge that will leave you asking "why on earth have I not heard of this before" ?  Why wait ? Now is the time to act.


Previously held at Riverside House, a tranquil healing retreat on the river Avon , workshops are now held in County Kerry, Ireland ... a stunning location with sea and mountain views. This weekend workshop offers the solutions you need to attain and retain supreme vibrant health of body and mind.

Clive explains how he recovered from "incurable" health problems, sharing his extensive research and experience. Learn how you can do the same. Master your mindfulness and feel the vibrance of 'knowing'  

Richard shares knowledge of 'leading edge technologies' that you can use on yourself, family, friends and work colleagues. Unbelievable results in minutes ensure you will feel the difference.

Together Richard and Clive allow you to see the 'wood for the trees' . Making it simple means that for the first time you can actually take control of their health, wealth and future prosperity. Truly an amazing life changing experience , this hermetic wisdom is delivered with passion and humour. If you run a business then expect big productivity increases and a happier workforce. Higher consciousness makes yesterdays problems obsolete. 

There are only two mistakes one can ever make on the path to Truth: not starting : and not going all the way"

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"If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you."

~ Oscar Wilde